1. I do a range of photography, including events, portraits, greeting cards, weddings (rarely), dance, publicity pictures, and fantasy art.  But I do not operate like most professional photographers.  I am not in the business of taking hundreds or thousands of pictures of events and selling them from a website. 

2. Everything on the site is copyright Jon Sanborn. I do put a lot of stuff on this website that I indicate people are free to use for personal purposes. In that case you can download it and print it or whatever with my blessing. If you re-post the pictures, it would be nice if you gave me a photo credit: “photo credit: JSanborn/TheLostEye.com.”

3. I will make prints of my pictures for sale, but I do not want to get into the business of selling small inexpensive prints - its just too much work. I will have an archival print made using high-end printing methods on fine art paper (giclee print) starting at $50.  Giclee printing can also be done on canvas. 

4. Framing at a framing store is sometimes quite expensive. An relatively inexpensive way to mount and frame a picture is to have the picture printed with a hairline outline and a white or colored border, plus a protective spray.  Inexpensive metal frames can be ordered from, for example, pictureframes.com (but add 40% or so to their apparent price for shipping).

5. I will do portraits of people or couples if asked.  Price is usually free to inexpensive (compared to usual professional prices), it depends on how much work is required.  However, I have had numerous occasions where people will come to me and say how much they llike my stuff and would LOVE to have me do their picture, only to contract amnesia when it comes to following through with the arrangements.  I take a studio photo session seriously; we need to have a talk beforehand and plan what sort of outcome is desired, I have to arrange to use space for the shoot, and then spend a lot of time photoshopping after the shoot.  So please do not ask me to invest my time unless you are prepared to follow through.