This website displays my digital photography and graphic art.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.  All images on this site copyright Jon Sanborn. 

My father was a graphic artist, and worked for the United Nations, designing their publications as well as some of their stamps. I always liked drawing and photography.  When I retired from the State Department in 2011 I wanted to get back to photography and art; in particular I am in love with Photoshop.

I can be reached at sanbornjb@yahoo. com

THE WEBSITE NAME: There is a story, in Greek mythology ...

It was the fate of the hero Perseus to face the snake-haired Gorgon Medusa, whose visage was so hideous that it would turn to stone any that gazed upon it.  The goddess Athena told Perseus that he must seek out the Graeae: three crones, ancient, clever and spiteful. They were to be found on a remote mountain crag where they sat among the scattered bones of their victims; and they shared between them a single Eye which they passed by hand from one to the other.  With the Eye, they saw all things on heaven and Earth, and thereby gained vast knowledge. Upon beholding the handsome Perseus, however, the three fell to squabbling over the Eye, and he was able to pluck it from their grasp.  He thus forced them to reveal the location of the magical sword and shield with which he would behead Medusa, and, as some tell the tale, rescue the delectable Andromeda from yet another horrible monster, the Kraken. But neither myth nor history records what became of the lost Eye.  

…. I really dont know what that has to do with the content of this site, but I like the story.

THE SPLASH PAGE at the front of the site was derived from a photograph of smoke from a candle.

FANTASIES are heavily manipulated images using lots of pieces borrowed from different pictures (as well as hand-painting).  I use Photoshop; these pictures take a long time to compose on the computer. 

PLACES pictures are pretty much straight travel pictures. Well, sometimes not so straight.

PEOPLE pictures are a mixture of snapshots of people I know, posed studio pictures, and wedding pictures.  

BALLROOM pictures were taken at ballroom dance competitions, or other similar events.  In "Commentary" I discuss my technique. 

ILLUSTRATIONS are mostly combinations of studio photography and graphic elements; for the most part these are for ads or such. 

RECENT is recent stuff, whatever it happening at the time. 

COMMENTARY is a blog-like thing where I occasionally write about things relevant to the site.